Luhr Basketball Leagues

Luhr Park offers a great experience for any boy or girl going into 7th-9th grade. This activity is free to anyone that signs up. The players will be drafted onto a team and given a time to play, a color to wear, and the leagues roster. Boys will play on Tuesday/Thursday and girls will play Monday/Friday. The season will usually begin in the middle of June and end in the beginning of August. An ALL-STAR break will be at the mid point of the season and will consist of the most outstanding players that will compete in a 3 point shootout, creative layup contest, and the ALL STAR game. This league is a great way for young athletes to show sportsmanship, build friendships, and improve their basketball skills.

Boys 7th-9th grade schedule Luhr 2017

Girls 7th-9th grade schedule Luhr 2017