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3 on 3 Basketball Tournament

3 on 3 Basketball Tournament.  Download the flyer here and mail in registration by Friday.  You can also sign up the morning of the tournament.  Please Contact Mario Chiappelli for more information.  We hope to see you at this great yearly event at the Jay Township Community Park.  Also check out www.bvlaborday.com for other activities and more!


March Madness or Benzinger Park’s Mens’ Basketball League?

The world knows stories such as the U.S. Hockey team defeating the Soviet Union or Holly Holm knocking out Rhonda Rousey; however, the community will think of Benzinger Park’s Mens’ Basketball League when reminiscing about big upsets in 2016. The championship game, played on August 16, were to no ones surprise the number 1 seed versus the number 2 seed, TSI Hoops. The number 1 seed was Benzinger powerhouse, Area Lubrications, who came into the championship game with a record 19-1 with their only loss coming due to the fact Area Lubrication had to forfeit a game during the season. Area Lubrications has won the championship for five consecutive years, and outscored their opponents 1125-701 this summer. Area Lubrications, made up of Jesse Bosnik, Calvin and Cameron Grumley, Jimmy Higgins, Marty Timm, Robbie Wortman, A.J. Straub, Kevin Genevero, Matt Fritz, and Brad Meholic, came into the championship game with a 4-0 record on the season against TSI Hoops which consisted of Eric Matheson, Jessey Reynolds, Sam Roselli, Kyle Schutz, Alex Oknefski, Aaron Sorge, Jeremy Brier, Andrew and Nate Sestina, and Tony Leithner. TSI Hoops, led by Eric Matheson, pulled the upset of the summer as TSI defeated Area Lubrications 52-33. Although Area Lubrications were missing Wortman, Genevero, and Cameron Grumley, that is not enough of an excuse as TSI defeated arguably the two best players to come through D9 in Bosnik and Calvin Grumley. TSI received a first place trophy and a custom T-shirt designed by Dave’s Pro Shop. Benzinger Park would like to thank all sixteen teams who competed this year, and we look forward to seeing even more teams next summer!

Pictured below are champions, TSI Hoops, Jeremy Brier, Jesse Reynolds, Sam Roselli, Tony Leithner, Kyle Shutz, Eric Matheson, Alex Oknefski, and Andrew Sestina.


Benzinger Park’s Womens’ Basketball Championship

Benzinger Park had a great season, this summer, for the Women’s Basketball League. The summer started with seven teams battling for the first seed in the playoff bracket. On August 15, the Cherry Pickers challenged the Lady Lions. The dominance of Kayla Hoohuli was too much for the Lady Lions, as they ended the Lions’ season with an unfortunate loss of 47-49. The championship game was played right after the semi-finals consisting of Oldies but Goodies versus Cherry Pickers. Oldies but Goodies had a veteran team comprised of Alyssa Cunningham, Samantha Sicheri, Meghan Eckert, Andie Beveridge, Ann Florio, Jenna Nedzinski, Stephanie Weber, Brittney Timm, Maggie Sorg, and Nicole Braun. Oldies but Goodies gave the Cherry Pickers a good fight, but nothing seemed to slow down the young Cherry Pickers. The game came down to the last few minutes of regulation, but the Cherry Pickers were able to pull away to take home the first place trophy and custom designed T-shirts from Dave’s Pro Shop in St. Marys. The Cherry Pickers were the young team that included Kayla Hoohuli, Rachel Bauer, Rachelle Armanini, Abby Adamski, Sydney Eckert, Jenna Cherry, Julie Daniels, Bekkah Bauer, Michelle Bauer, Leah Gabler, Sophie Geitner, Ann Marie Vargas, Kaitlyn Barackman, Gina Schlimm, and Caitlyn Bankovich. Benzinger Park would like to thank all the women who competed this summer, and wishing the High school players a successful season. Benzinger Park hopes to see everyone next year for the summer of 2017.

Pictured below are the Cherry Pickers, the 2016 women champions.


Benzinger Park Basketball Playoff Schedules

Benzinger Park’s basketball playoffs start the week of August 8th for both men and women’s league. Attached below is the full playoff schedule, which will be updated as the playoffs progress.

Note: Team Seeds are in parenthesis after each team name.


Women’s Playoff Schedule 2016                                                         Men’s Playoff Schedule 2016



Benzinger Park’s, August 1, 3 on 3 Winners

Benzinger Park’s Monday night 3-on-3, held on August 1, saw a 2016 summer high of nineteen teams show up to compete for three medium Don’s pizzas. The team by the name of the “7th Floor Crew” dominated the tournament, not losing a single game. In the picture, from left to right, is Jeff Wehler, Nick Labrasca, and Matt Marconi. “7th Floor Crew” beat team “Elkquaida,” consisting of Nick Daghir, Logan Hoffman, and Leo Gregory, in the championship, cruising to an easy victory. If you think you can beat the “7th Floor Crew” and the eighten other teams at Benzinger Park’s Monday night 3-on-3 basketball tournament, then come to Benzinger Park in St. Marys on Monday nights at 8:30 pm to showcase your talents.

3 on 3 winers

2016 Benzinger Park’s Premier Basketball Players

Below are the 2016 premier players in the Benzinger Park Men’s Basketball League. This list is subject to change from game to game, so make sure to check back weekly. Congratulations to these players and continue showcasing your hard work and skill!


1. Cameron Grumley (Area Lubrications)

2. Kevin Benson (Accu-Grind)

3. Jesse Bosnik (Area Lubrications)

4. Sam Roselli (TSI Hoops)

5. Corey Huff (Benz Tropics)

6. Jeremy Brier (TSI Hoops)

7. Matt Shuey (Accu-Grind)

8. Nate DaCanal (Dr. Reed’s Opt.)

9. Dylan Reigel (E-Carbon America)

10. Colton Lecker (LemonApe), Gabe Kraus (Dr. Reed’s Opt.)

Grand Opening of the Courts!

courtsOn July 10th, Memorial Park will officially open the courts to the public! The night will start at 6:00 pm with the 3 point contest.  Following that will be the 3 on 3 Pizza Tournament. There will be two division for the tournament, one will be 9th grade and under, and one will be 10th grade and up. Also, there will be a DJ all night! There will be food and drink available for purchase.

Basketball All Star Activities At Boys and Girls Club

All star 7th - 9th grade teamsToday we had our Luhr Park 7th-9th grade boys league all star activity day at the Boy’s and Girl’s club. Pictured from left to right are the winners of the events; Jackson Lindenmuth (skills obstacle course), Alex Breindel (3 point knock out), and Logan Hoffman (3 point shoot out). Also pictured are the players who participated in the all star game.7th - 9th Skills