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  • Congrats Grad Takes First Pizza Tournament of 2018

    Congrats Grad was quite the fitting team name for this winning team this evening. Ryan Newton recently graduated from Elk County Catholic, and with the help of his three college […]

  • Pizza Tournament Results 7-28-17!!

    Congrats to The Trail Runners for winning this past Friday’s Pizza Tournament! The team was made up of Jared Groll, Nate Schneider, and Rudy Gleixner. We would like to thank […]

  • Pizza Tournament Results from 7-14-17!

    Congrats the the Skunks who won yet another Pizza Tournament this past Friday night! The Skunks were made up of Jeff Wehler, Cory Huff, John Caskey, and Zach Reigel. We […]

  • Pizza Tournament Results!!

    The Skunks were able to win this past Friday’s Pizza Tournament despite the rainy weather. The team consisted of Andrew Bucheit, Cory Huff, Rudy Gleixner, and Ryan Miller. We would […]